Friday, February 15, 2008


Early afternoon, done with the grocery shopping, and Sherry on a conference call. The perfect time to head upstairs for a quick nap. Close the blinds, turn on the radio and stretch out.

A gentle tump tump on the stairs, the door creaks as it opens slightly. A "Thripppp!" in wildly modulating tones comes from Clark's throat as he jumps onto the bed. He sniffs around, then settles into the nest formed by my right foot tucked into the back of my left knee.

Next I hear the squeaks of the wicker basket in the closet as Betsy rouses herself. But there's another leap up to the bed and now Molly is nuzzling my left armpit. She finally settles along my hip as Betsy appears on my right. She flanks Molly on my other hip.

Sherry did good with this picture. I may look Asian, but all the cats are looking at the camera, the framing and exposure are good, and it's sharp all the way through. It's also got a good beat, and you can dance to it.


Sharon Kugler said...

I thought Legs was behind the camera....where was he then?
And shouldn't this photo rightly go on TOMP? You're a lazy, napping blogger, you are!

Sherry said...

TOMP doesn't show Neil's face. We also have the issue that he takes the photos from the card and dumps them onto his PC--and I never see them again!