Monday, April 27, 2009

Z is for Zipper

Valley Stream - 1987

Have I ever published this picture on this site? I know I've posted it on earlier versions of these websites, but a quick look (and with almost 500 pictures on this site alone, I should be forgiven for losing track of a few) doesn't seem to yield this particular image.

So it comes that I finish the alphabet with one of the best time exposures I ever did, of a traveling carnival ride called The Zipper, an amazing vomit comet whose actions and processes I won't begin to describe, other than to mention that the clockwise spin giving us the beautiful Spirograph® pattern above is perhaps its gentlest motion.

Shot with the Pentax ME Super with a short zoom lens, on Kodachrome 64. Probably at about f8 or 11, with a shutter speed of at least ten seconds.


Sherry said...

Sigh. Gives us those nice bright colors; gives us the green of summers (past). Makes you think all the world's a sunny day. Long Beach in the '70's, seedy as it was, was kinda cool.

Sharon said...

A resounding image (if that's possible) with which to end your abecedarial essay!
Proud I am to have a copy on my wall at home.