Monday, April 6, 2009

E is for Elevation

June 11, 2008

One thousand, one hundred and twenty-two feet above the Rogers Centre in Toronto, waiting for the Blue Jays game to start. This would eventually grow to a crowd of 35,000 people, but at at quarter to twelve most folks were just milling about and lolling in their seats.

The Jays would lose that game, to the Mariners, 2-1, after a close ninth inning. I wasn't planning on watching it from the open-air observation deck of the CN Tower, anyway. It's pretty windy up there, and you don't have any real view of the field as you can see, either. I shot this leaning over the railing with my lens right up against the wire mesh of the observation deck. The mesh is visible as a shadow running through the left third of the image, and to a lesser extent the right side, too. It was smaller than a standard chain-link, which is easier to shoot through. There wasn't any way for me to work around it with the lens I was carrying, a 24-105, which I was shooting at the long end. There's a glass floor on the lower deck where you can see the playing field, but there's part of the tower leg visible, and the floor is usually covered with kids and spilled soda. Still, with this I like the lines and curves of the streets and building.

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Sherry said...

Getting stuck in Toronto is not a hardship. Although, the ubiquitous construction cranes make the skyline look like a swarm of crazy pre-historic birds have attacked. I'm sorry I was working (the nerve!) and wasn't with you to experience the CN Tower.