Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A to Z - No Fooling

I've let the blog go fallow for all of the last month, I know, through a combination of lethargy and busyness, if you can believe such a combination exists. I just haven't been shooting that much stuff for myself, and haven't felt overly inspired by what I find in my archives. And I've been shooting school stuff five to six days a week as well.

But I've decided to take some inspiration from another website, a photography message board actually, that I've been part of for several years now.

One of the occasional threads there is called 'Photographs: A to Z'. Currently in its fourth incarnation, members post images that relate to the alphabet in order. I thought this might be an interesting challenge for me to do here at the blog, one letter, one picture, every day this month.

So, starting tomorrow, be sure to check in every day to see what I come up with. It may be fun, or it may be boring. Who knows? We'll see.


Sharon said...

Wait a minute. What about today?

gberg said...

yeah... is this some kind of fiendish joke?!