Thursday, April 23, 2009

V is for Volvo

October 2004

Even without the distinctive grille, and the trademark sash and badge, the overall squareness of everything but the tires should tell you that this is, or was, a Volvo, a special Volvo: one that has performed the ultimate sacrifice.

This was my 1998 Volvo S70, the last of the square ones, with 116,000 miles on it. This was taken in the junkyard a day or so after it was kissed by a minivan doing about 50 mph.

I kept the grille. It had been left in the front seat, along with an interesting assortment of other junk. You see, when they clean up the street after accidents, all the garbage gets dumped into the vehicles involved, regardless of whether they belong to that particular car. When I realized that, I was able to figure out why there was a huge headlamp here in the driver's seat, for example. It was from the other car, and the broken glass must have been swept up from the street, since none of my windows were broken. Although, if you enlarge the picture on the right, you'll see the windshield is cracked, probably from the force of the airbag going off from just below.

Volvo makes an excellent car. I highly recommend them.


Sherry said...

He has the grille. I'm still sporting the dented license plate.

Sherry said...

Someone should point out (like me) that the amazing thing about Volvos is also evident in this photo---the entire front quarter and engine is taken out by the minivan, but the force doesn't push in the driver's area at all. The entire passenger 'box' is reinforced....roof as well.