Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Stranger Among Them

I've introduced you all to Fiona before; she's the cantankerous resident of my sister's garage. Usually when her humans are out of town I'll look after her, but with the severe cold weather we've had lately, Sharon was worried, so I suggested we set the old girl up in my basement. I've got this big netted tent, about fourteen square feet, that fit her bedding, with a litter box on one end and food dishes on the other.

Of course it's impossible to keep secrets in this house, so it wasn't long after settling her in that the others began to investigate. Betsy is the only one who spends any time in my office, so naturally she took the most interest.

But the others weren't as curious as we thought they'd be, hence the lack of any more interaction photos. Legs sniffed around, got hissed at and probably figured he didn't need any more of that, and Molly made an obligatory stop on her way to the litterbox. Clark stalked around a bit, not sure quite what to make of it all. I love the way they walk, real slow, with stretched out motions, in an arc about three feet from the tent. Fiona, for her part, just crouches on her blanket, front paws curled under her, watching the parade.

And I really did give her a manicure, although I wasn't able to get the dewclaw on her left leg. I'll try for that, and her back legs, tomorrow.


Sharon said...

What a gorgeous portrait of her! Did you take it through the mesh; is that what makes the diamond pattern around her? And yet the pattern doesn't cover her face?
Very nice.

Sharon said...

And such a complicated set of emotions apparent on the faces of the two of them in the first photo. Turn around, Fiona, it's like looking in a mirror!