Monday, June 16, 2008

Two-Eyed Fiona

We've been a week on the road, and I'll be reporting on the trip later on, it's just that I came home to some technical setbacks - a blown computer monitor, for example - and I had to shoot at a weekend-long soccer tournament that started the morning after we got back. I also was cat-sitting for Fiona, the semi-feral little gray monster that lives in my sister's garage. Fiona's been around for a long time, and I have an interesting relationship with her - our exchanges go something like this:

Neil enters the garage: "Fiona?" From the rafters there's a sound not unlike two strips of Velcro being separated at a moderate speed. "Tchshrrrrrrriiiisssssskk!" Neil: "Well, good morning merry sunshine!" Fiona: "Hissss!!"

She has it good, this little ingrate, and she knows it, too. She'll sit up there in the rafters, on her little wool-covered pillow, while I stand on the desk below and rub her ears. She really likes having her ears rubbed, though she'll make it a point to spit every now and then, just to keep up appearances.

As you see, she's got a sweet little duplex here, in a nice neighborhood with good schools. You think after all these years she'd lighten up. But then, it's hard to imagine her as a lap cat.

These pictures were shot with a 17mm lens on the full-frame camera.

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Sharon said...

She probably wants to dump this duplex and move to Key West, just waiting for the market to pick up..