Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Good White North

School is out for winter break and February marks the transition between winter and spring sports. So with time on my hands and a weekend with friends planned, I decided to head up to Killington a few days early so I could have some alone time to take pictures and do some chores around the condo. Ah, those best laid plans...

I arrived Wednesday afternoon with a migraine, then lost Thursday to the rain, although I did get the shelving stuff I needed at the Home Depot in Rutland. Of course, I had to make a second trip for fasteners and oops! I forgot to bring drill bits. I finally got settled in the closet, but only got to make three holes in the wall before I caught a stud and snapped the bit. A titanium bit. A quarter-inch titanium bit. And you wonder why we lost two shuttles. But it was late by then, the rain was turn ing to snow, so I decided to postpone my third trip to Rutland for the morrow.

Friday finally turned out to be what I came here for. Even though I had to spend twenty minutes channeling William Macy in Fargo while I chipped the ice off my windshield and the other seven windows of the wagon, this frosting made for some nice views, like the above scene of Mendon Brook along Route 4 near the foot of East Mountain. This is my favorite of the shots of this area I made on my way home from the Depot (with two bits this time).

So I successfully got the holes drilled and the hardware placed and the shelves up, made some dinner and awaited the midnight arrival of Sherry and Alan and Cheryl for the Dead Presidents weekend. For them of course, the rain went away, it was clear and sunny and cold: Vermont was its usual, beautiful, Good White North* self.

Here we see Sherry and Alan clambering in snowshoes through the woods on Sunrise.Those are Kaz's shoes that Alan's got on, and seeing this makes me wonder if it would be possible to trick out a pair of these things to look like Bozo shoes.

Somehow I think it's probably been done.

*Naturally, America's Hat, Canada, is the Great White North.


Sherry said...

Is Mendon pond B&W or is it with the altered Canon? Can I see a print?

Neil J Murphy... said...

Not only is it in color, it isn't even a pond, it's a brook. And I haven't made any prints yet, sorry.