Monday, February 9, 2009

We Got the Feng Shui Right

At least from the looks of this I think we do. She almost seems to like it here. Of course, the two warming pads under the blanket are certainly a plus, but even the sound of Betsy throwing herself at the closed door haven't begun to faze the little girl.
I've been keeping the door closed and the playpen unzipped so Fiona will feel less like an exhibit at a zoo. Last night I turned around to see Clark and Molly circling the pen side by side, like they were on a date or something. Later Legs comes along and tries to eat her food (through the mesh: he's cute but not bright).

So I decided visiting hours were over and left the playpen open for her to stretch her legs. Twenty minutes later I'd figured that the only way to get her out from under the sink was to leave the room and let her come out on her own. Once I barricaded the sink, though, she was content to just sit in the playpen and take the world's longest nap.


gberg said...

Super pic, super example of cat-at-ease. Love it.

Sharon said...

Oh, no *wonder* she's been insufferable since returning: TWO warming pads?! She gets *two* only when it's FREEZING out. Look at her front paws: she's PARALYZED with warmth. (And now, she'll probably expect three.) She does look adorable, though.