Sunday, September 13, 2009


Vietnam Veterans Memorial - July 2009

Since I spent the late spring and the entire summer slacking off here at the blog, I figure the best way to redeem myself is to start off with a really strong picture, and certainly the best of the three presented here today.

Washington D. C. in the late summer features an atmosphere eerily reminiscent of the planet Venus, but without all the ammonia. Except in some parts of the Metro. I was prepared for that, and planned an early start the first day after dropping Sherry off. Naturally I hadn't planned on spending the entire morning on the side of I-66 after being the first part of a five-car sandwich. No one was hurt, most of the cars were drivable, including mine, so I wound up getting a late start in the hottest part of the day, while pissed off. Mostly at having to cut short my list: I never got to the Jefferson Memorial, Arlington or the east front of the Capitol.

Ah well. These were a couple of nice shots. Getting the three sets of hands in the first one was pure serendipity; I was concentrating on the girl in pink and the boy in black. The man in white walking in the opposite direction was something I never saw until the last instant. I'll call it the definitive shot of the trip.

This one is pretty nice, too.

And though I didn't get around to the other side, I did manage one shot of the west front of the Capitol, making it almost perfectly symmetrical. It looks so tranquil, doesn't it? You just don't see the two men with automatic weapons on the steps above the curved balcony.

Washington DC - July 2009


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Sharon said...

Hell, yes! Those were worth the wait.