Thursday, September 17, 2009

Moonlight in Vermont

September 5, 2009

Well what else am I going to call this entry? On my second attempt of the summer, I was able to get a good base exposure for a clear night one day past the full moon.

This image was made with the Canon 5D, ISO 100, standard picture style, cloudy white balance, on a tripod, of course. I used the wide end of my 24-105 at f8, and had a wired remote (cable release) locked for an exposure time of 390 seconds. The in-camera noise reduction software uses an equal amount of time to process, so the pictures I made that night took a total of thirteen minutes each.

So even after an hour I had very little to show for my efforts, but I like this image.
I wasn't expecting star trails in a six and a half minute exposure, so they were a pleasant surprise. Next time I'll lower the ISO to 50 and stop down the lens some more and try for a longer exposure, and longer trails.

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Sherry said...

It was a lovely summer....