Saturday, September 13, 2008


April 1997

Ah, September. The end of summer, a time to sit on the beach and stare at the horizon, and wonder where the months all went. A time to think about the coming days of early darkness and autumn's chill. You could easily imagine that the figures in the picture above are doing just that, and perhaps even pondering their own mortality.

You'd be wrong, though, since this picture was made in the middle of the spring, in 1997. Of course, the figures could still have been thinking dark thoughts on that bright April afternoon, I don't know, but something compelled them to drag their resin lawn chairs out to the waters edge to watch the churning waters. My eye was drawn to the single line just about even with the horizon, and the head of the solitary standee poking above it. Shot on Ilford XP2, exposure unrecorded.

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