Tuesday, September 30, 2008

AmityStock 2008

Some of Janet and Gary's friends were having a picnic down at Amityville's beachfront last weekend. Though the skies were threatening, the rains never came (and wouldn't have mattered too much, anyway, since we were under a pavilion).

Live music was the order of the day; there were at least two adult bands, playing the usual classic rock, but the attraction for me was the appearance of my nephew, Devon, and his band, Vacancy.

This is Robin Khatsernov, lead guitarist for Vacancy. In this shot he was warming up his fingers playing 'Whipping Post' with the big kids. This guy knows what he's doing (except, as I understand it, when to end a solo). No matter, he plays well and, as you can see, has the facial expressions down to a science.

Devon needed to do a bit of surgery on his instrument before beginning. I'm happy to report the operation was a success, as we see here:

I was only there for the first set, which they played as a trio. This is Zach Hindin, keyboardist and Bob Weir fan. He's got a thing about the Islanders, too.

I didn't stay for their later set, and I understand I missed really experiencing the band as a four-piece group complete with drummer.

Ah, well. Next time.

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Sharon said...

Although we, too, missed the second set, Zach posted a video of their (original!) song that's viewable (and downloadable) from Devon's Facebook page. It's a little shaky, like the cameraperson was undergoing a weasel attack, but features some good closeups.