Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Here we have a picture to give any mother pause, if not outright heart failure. You wonder if the child's mother would ever trust his care to her brother again. But like me at his age (13), Brian has the nerve and agility of a mountain goat. Still, I'm glad he was sitting down for this picture. We were at Prim Point, overlooking the Bay of Fundy, outside Digby, Nova Scotia. This is the cliff in the background of the picture Sherry on the Rocks, in fact, Brian was originally in that photo, heading towards this spot, but it was somewhat distracting to the overall composition, and I deleted him. So to make it up to him, here's his very own picture and post on the Talking Pictures blog.

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Sharon said...

Okay, we've seen the real photo. Now please do our faint hearts a favor, and photoshop him farther away from the edge, so I can exhale.