Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Stranger Among Us

Passing through the living room I caught sight of some movement outside the sliders. It was late afternoon, and I had a camera with a 70-200mm lens on it, hoping for some good shots of Molly, which is why I was there in the first place.

Molly had spotted the movement, too, and when I looked closer I saw the kitten who's been haunting the backyard for a few weeks now.

A pretty little thing, gray and white striped, quite young, probably from an early spring litter. Not too sure what to make of me as I slid the door open and called out. Started to turn away, then looked back, started to come to me, then thought better of it. By this time I had closed the door and come down the steps. The little stranger resumed the back-and-forth as I made my way to the pine tree. Since I was apparently sitting down, my little intruder decided to do the same.

So we sat there for a bit, me trying to entice the visitor with a twirling stick among the pine needles, but she was a little too wary to come any closer. She did acquiesce to a few pictures, and was blissfully unaware the whole time just how much she was annoying Molly:

And I should point out that this pose of Molly's seems to be a cross between Garfield and something from the pen of B. Kliban.


Sharon said...

Gracious, I actually -jumped- a little at the look on Molly!
"First the new furniture, now this..."

Anonymous said...

Really good lighting on the outdoor cat. I like her white collar too. Was Molly that cute once? Because her puss is...well it's her puss.

As for the new masthead look like a Ralph Lauren model who missed the bus (or side thereof) back to the city. The peanut gallery was perfectly happy with the rear view. But, have it your way...