Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hudson Piers

Along the Hudson River, what remains of the piers in the north Village, south Chelsea. Or at least what remained during a summer in the late 1990's. More I cannot say without extensive digging through my negatives. Scanned from a 5x7 inch print, and a nice print, with a good tonal range. I remember making that print, and I remember taking that picture. I doubt I could find the location today; reconstruction along the waterfront has been extensive in the last decade and these pilings may have finally been cleared.

I had a nice day back then, walking along the river. (I don't even think anyone had specifically told me to have one, I just did; all on my own.) I made a lot of good pictures there too, and a lot of other good prints came from that day as well. And I think before this new year is over, I'll be revisiting a lot of those times, perhaps.

My resolution is to be a more regular and verbal (and I mean verbal in a written-sort of way) correspondent, reporter, diarist, observer, fly-on-the-wall type of wiseass.

In the meantime, welcome to 2008, and happy new year. And really, why are you wasting your time here, the only good cheesecake shots are the ones up above this.

And you shouldn't expect them all of the time now.

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