Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fulton Landing Panorama

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Under the Brooklyn Bridge at the old ferry landing, on an overcast and damp day in April of 1986. Before the bridge opened in 1883 the only way to get from Fulton Street in Brooklyn to Fulton Street in New York was via the aptly named Fulton Ferry, which docked on this spot on the Brooklyn side.

Twenty-two years ago it was a somewhat shabby, out-of-the way locale with a killer view of lower Manhattan. Glancing at Google maps today it seems to have been cleaned and paved, and the benches removed. Still has the views, though, and judging from the
white stretch limo and the figure in flowing white, popular for wedding pictures.

A panorama made from only two frames and shot with the Pentax ME Super through a 50mm lens, about all I had in those days...

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