Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bikini Girl for the New Year

Well, happy new year. And so welcome to 2008.

Since the new year has the unfortunate habit of beginning (in this northern hemisphere) during the grey cold of January, I decided to utilize the posing talents of my lovely friend Sherilee to warm things up for us today.

These were taken in the surf of the Atlantic off Long Beach, in August of 2002. Sheri had had a fitness show the week before, and was only easing into a normal diet by this time, plus the ProTan was finally wearing off, so she looked really good.

Interestingly, that same week I was also recovering from a somewhat traumatic experience; I'd had hernia surgery. Both sides. Three ruptures on each side.

I was taking baby steps.

Baby steps on the sand, however, require serious concentration. So between my own delicate condition, and the situation and subject at hand, I had much to contend with. Having two able-bodied assistants with nicely-enabled bodies was a plus on my side, although neither Marie nor my own Sherry wished to be pictured on this day, for reasons which they alone can attest to. But I'd put them up here. In a minute.

And I could, you know...

You can see more of Sheri at  sherinewton.com

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