Sunday, December 7, 2008

Unisphere Pano

Sherry is again in Ottawa, which means I just made the drive to LaGuardia, giving me opportunity and excuse to stop by Flushing Meadow Park.

It snowed last night, only an inch or so, just enough to cling to the grass and make the roads and sidewalks wet. But the day remained cold and overcast until early afternoon, when the wind picked up as well. That was enough to leave me with the park to myself, though I'm less than satisfied with the results. The clouds are nice, but with the sun mostly obscured the overall scene is dark and dull. I was also freezing, so I made six exposures for this image, and another ten for a vertical version, then headed for home. For the record, I liked the results of the second version even less than this one.

This is a composition I'll be coming back to.


Sherry said...

You should not be permitted to judge your own work. While the sphere appears slightly flattened, the overall work is beautiful. And the blue/gray hue is among the best you've captured. So get over it.

Sharon said...

What struck me is how much this looks like an infrared shot itself! If it weren't for the bit of blue sky, you coulda fooled me.
Don't get carried away....