Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ho Ho HoJo's

Another oldie from the archives today, as we go all the way back to April of 1986 for a view of the Howard Johnson's sign at 49th Street and Broadway in Times Square. I'm not sure how long this neon beauty lasted, but I do know that it was replaced by a simple sheet of plastic with colored words long before the restaurant closed.

This was taken late in the afternoon, hence the somewhat long shadows coming off the raised letters on the sign. I like this shot not only for the grittiness of the overall look, but also for the way the viewer's eye is drawn to the center of the composition. The sign, the only true horizontal line in the image, sits comfortably inside the slight inward arch of the surrounding lines.

Kodak Tri-X, push-processed to 800 ISO, mainly for the extra stop.

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