Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ottawa River Panorama

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Another panorama, if you can stand it, here from our trip to Ottawa this past June. This scene of the Ottawa River was taken from Parliament Hill, not far from the Cat Condominiums, which were featured here almost a year ago. There's an overlook here, complete with a cannon, which makes sense, since this is an ideal defensive point.

In the distance on the left is the Canadian Supreme Court building, beyond which is the Portage Bridge, one of the three crossings to Gatineau, Quebec, that we see in this picture. The center of the picture is the Hull section of Gatineau, with the cantilever Alexandra Bridge on the right and the MacDonald-Cartier bridge just visible behind it.

This pano was stitched from eight separate images shot horizontally. Click on the word 'overlook' in the first paragraph to see on Google Maps where I stood.

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Sharon said...

It's pantastic!

Sorry. Had to.

Very beautiful, actually, and what a cute little island in the middle of the water on the left there.
I mean, on the left.
Of course it's in the middle of the water.