Sunday, November 16, 2008

House and Hydrant, KPSH

I wandered through a section of the Kings Park property that I had never been to before, a ghost town of about a dozen houses and half a dozen more buildings that apparently made up most of the staff housing for the hospital.

A deserted suburban street, overgrown trees and shrubs obscure the barricade that keeps traffic out from the intersection with St. Johnland Road. The houses on either side of what Google Maps calls West 4th Street are wood-framed and completely overtaken by vegetation.

Above is one of the several houses made of wood, brick and fieldstone, built a bit stronger, on a larger bit of land, perhaps for an administrator or department head. Still a wreck, though.

The above infrared is a panorama made from six vertical frames, stitched with Photomerge® in Photoshop Elelments 6.

Below, a few of the other buildings.

The two houses below are part of an open courtyard of four residences, the other two being to the left of these structures, and behind me where I stood shooting this.

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