Monday, August 25, 2008

Peggy's Cove Light

I have unfortunately been unable to do very much with the Nova Scotia pictures for the last few days, I'm afraid, because I've been without my computer glasses since Thursday. Doing much of anything involving the monitor requires my nose placed about three inches from its surface, and given that it's a widescreen, concentrating on more than a three-inch radius proves difficult.

But I wanted to share a few of the simpler ones to prepare, or at least one I thought would be simple until I decided to remove several common tourists from the side of the frame in order to better highlight my bride.

Peggy's Cove is a beautiful spot on a bright sunny day like this, so don't kid yourself thinking we had the place to ourselves. This place is quite literally crawling with visitors; there were at least a hundred people swarming over the rocks, regardless of the warning sign, so getting a shot of a desolate lighthouse wasn't going to happen unless I was there at sunrise. And traveling with two teenagers, good luck with that idea. So I spent half an hour deleting seven people from the right-hand side of the picture, near the door and the steps.

Nevertheless, I'm real happy with this shot, I'll clean over the rough spots before I print it.

MEGO Data: 5D - 24-105 @ 85mm, f11 - 1/1000, ISO 320. WB-Cloudy. Processed from RAW file.

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Anonymous said...

Oh. I was wondering why I looked so lonely. I didn't recall being the only left behind at the light house while you were on the rocks. Although, I was, literally, the one left holding the bag(s). Carry on.