Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Few More Infrared Shots

Bethpage Cemetery - Bethpage, August 2008

We've been having some really great clouds the last few days, along with the accompanying afternoon thunderstorms, of course, and the effects of the IR camera help to bring out the most in them. Infrared also helps to bring the extraordinary out of the mundane, I think. Mary Abbott's white bronze marker (below) sits in the dark shadows at the rear of the Powell cemetery in Bethpage. In a straightforward image, the scene is very dark, the tones of the marker being only slightly lighter than the surrounding foliage. But the infrared image turns shadows into highlights and induces an ethereal sense to the picture.

These were taken August 9, 2008, in the Bethpage Cemetery and the Powell Cemetery, located just south of the entrance to the Bethpage Park golf courses.

Quaker Meeting House - August 2008

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Sharon said...

Yeah, the infrared really makes that stele "pop" - what makes some of the shots look bluish-white and some look sepia brown? Can you take photos in the dark the way infra-red goggles let you see in the dark?