Saturday, May 31, 2008

Betsy in the Evening Light

I've never been happy with the light in this place: it's a townhouse, with a one-car garage in the front, hence no front windows. The back has two large glass panels and a sliding door,but it faces a row of trees about ten feet away, tall ones that block what little of the western sun manages to get through.

The Long Beach house, as I have lamented before, had great natural light just about everywhere. Today I have to wait for late afternoon, hope that there's a cat staring out the back window, and hope I can get past her to open the door and position myself without spooking her up into a bedroom closet.

May, 2008

Betsy was crouched on the base of the scratching post tonight, she gave me a lazy look as I stepped over her and opened the slider all the way. It was a little before seven with an overcast quality to the light. Betsy lifted her nose to the breeze as it puffed into the room, but didn't rise. Fine by me, as I settled on the deck about six feet away. The light was steady, but low, so I set the ISO at 320. I shot this with my new camera and lens, the 5D with a 24-105 f4, at 105mm wide open.

There was a lot to smell, so her head was darting back and forth and she was looking this way and that, making it a little tough to frame a good composition with decent sharpness. This shot was the thirteenth of twenty-eight pictures, for those of you interested in my pass/fail ratio.

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Anonymous said...

She almost looks intelligent in that photo. Makes me wonder if it isn't Molly photoshopped.