Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Radiator Benny

For all its faults, the old house in Long Beach had fantastic light. The living room and the front porch were pretty dark, but all the other rooms, landings, hallways and stairwells had simply wonderful light, whether direct or indirect. Even the backlighting in the bedroom was well balanced, as we see above.

The house also had steam heat and lots of wide, comfortable radiator covers for cats to loll and stroll on, which Benny demonstrates for us here, above and below, back when she was the sole terror-in-residence.

This was shot on February 1st, 1996 on Ilford XP2 film, with the Pentax P3n, probably through a Tamron 28-135 lens.

(Click to see full image)

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Sherry said...

I liked the steam heat too. It was really good for my skin. And I liked the light. It was really good for my outlook. And I liked Long Beach, it was not really Long Island even though it was. Remind me why I live in Merrick? Oh yeah....the house broke. Alot. Expensively. Can we go to Vermont now?