Sunday, March 2, 2008

Disobeying the Signs

When I saw this stop sign, I knew how I wanted to frame it, and this being Long Island, I also knew I wouldn't have long to wait for the subjects to align themselves.

In fact, I had only taken two shots of the sign itself, to establish the the framing and exposure, when this candidate lumbered along. Originally he was out of the frame to the left, waiting at his stop sign, while a sedan was facing me in the oncoming lanes. But he didn't move even after the intersection was cleared; it took a long lean on the horn from the car behind him, and he was still leery of moving until I lowered the camera from my eye.

He then shot across, but since I had already set up the shot, I was able to get the image I was after. I'm guessing he was suspicious of the camera, or he knew about the sticker.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

I love the way the font of "driving suvs" so closely matches the font of the words "all-way."