Thursday, November 19, 2009

Winter Bench

November 17, 2009

Not a lot here today. I ordered a new set of apertures for my Lensbaby, since I've managed to lose everything but the f8. I should note here that a Lensbaby aperture is a thin magnetic disc that you drop into the barrel of the lens where it is held in place above the glass with three other magnets. Without a disc in place the lens is f2.0. The seven discs in the aperture kit have holes in the center to equate 2.8. 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16 and 22. (Beyond the standard EOS mount, there is nothing normal about this lens. The metal lens cap, for example, screws on like a bottle cap.)

This was taken at f5.6, on a rather warm day for November in the northeast, at Point Lookout town park, the beach that would not die. I like the contrast split in this picture, with the dark area on top highlighting the bench and the darker bench itself leading into the lighter section. I think it draws the eye in, then moves it up and down.



Sharon said...

Neat; the extreme foreshortening makes it look like a tiny child's chair, skewed as if done by Picasso.

Sherry said...

Foreshortening? Hemming a pair of pants in anticipation of giving them to a midget? Telegraphing one's baking recipe in advance to the Top Chef judging panel? Taking editorial license while tweeting the Gettysburg address? Yeah, I like the bench too.