Thursday, January 29, 2009

Betsy @ 50mm 1.4

A couple of pictures of Betsy from last month, last year. These were taken the same day as Legs in Slatted Shadows, below. I like the one above because of the way Betsy looks almost contrite, as if she's sorry about something she's done: someone she swatted, worried that she may have caused some pain, or bloodshed, even. Which, actually, she never is.

She's usually shooting some variant of this look, a cross between alarm and accusation, with a few daggers and some piss for good measure. I don't know how she got this way. She was so cute!


Sherry said...

Far be it from to suggest that perhaps the problem is due to being a spoiled pampered princess and the favorite child of her pet human.
(Or was your question rhetorical?)

Sharon said...

You can, certainly, still see the little baby girl in the contemporary one.

"Even, which, actually"? I'm so calling you out to parse that!

Neil J Murphy... said...

Hmmm. Should I lose the comma after 'even', then?

Make it 'Even which, actually, she never is.'?

Sherry said...

I'd use a full stop after 'even.' Then I'd rewrite the final sentence. Remember: Murder your Darlings.

Neil J Murphy... said...