Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beside Myself

I had another one of those days today. I thought I was spared any morning jobs this week, except for yesterday, and, as it turned out, today. But today's was not without its share of dithering; I was put on, then taken off, then finally put back on it.

Not a big deal, except I had to use the 'clouds' backdrop, as you can see above. This thing is twenty feet wide by ten high, and weighs all of about five ounces, being made of that plastic-type fabric you see airmail envelopes made of. It requires three stands to hold it up, and if the room you're in has any kind of drafts or vents you'll get to see the thing fall down in slow motion. I also don't normally travel with one, so I had to stop by the studio to pick it up in the morning.

Of course, just because I have such a neat background doesn't mean I get to use it all that much. I was at this particular school from eight until 11:30 am and only shot five groups. Not counting the five clowns I had assisting me today....


Anonymous said...

I don't know if they're clowns...but judging by the shoes they certainly have clown feet! All five of you are very come inside and let's piece you back together.

Sharon said...

Nice garment!