Sunday, February 24, 2008

Monochromatic Color

The snow had quit by Saturday, but the overcast, and the cold, persisted. While not a great day for pictures, the light was what I needed to reshoot the Spyglass picture. But while on the boardwalk at Jones Beach, I realized I could use the abundance of whiteness to my advantage.

What drew my eye and sparked the idea was the bright orange paint inside of the ubiquitous cowl vents that hold the boardwalk's trash bins. Seeing the way the orange stood out against the gray of the sky and white of the landscape made me start looking for other bright, single colors laid out on the blankness of the snow.

But I couldn't find much beyond the vents, so after shooting a few of them and another spyglass, I set out for Sunken Meadow Park. I knew I would at least find another spyglass there (does anyone know what those things are called?) and got lucky with two more color examples. Above, the snow covers the turquoise wire mesh picnic tables outside the snack bar at parking lot three.

Nearer to the parking lot is this fire hydrant, jutting starkly out of the snow.

But it was getting late, the light was murkier, and the outside air was getting cold. Much like the cup of coffee I left in the car, I was to discover.


Sharon said...

Aw, these are GORGEOUS, what a great grouping they make!

Sharon said...

They're binocular telescopes, so go ahead and call them "spyglasses," it's close enough and sounds much spiffier.
Wikipedia calls them "coin-operated binoculars," at least until I find one that takes debit cards, then I am SO gonna edit that entry.....